Running Springs Summer Session

Tracy and Erik

This couple's session was very special to me, Tracy and Erik. See for me it was special because Tracy and I are friends. We met two years ago through craigslist and immediately bonded over our love of animals both big and small and I knew then I had met my kindred spirit. Meeting people who share your same ideals and love of all things living is a real privilege. Tracy has been following my photography journey since we met and a month ago she reached out saying she was interested in a couple's session. It is always a pleasure photographing friends but it was made extra special when I found out this was their first photo session ever in their entire relationship. Now Erik and Tracy have been together almost their entire life. They have been a couple since they were 13 and this was their first professional photo session which was both exciting and a bit intimidating for me.

 Our session was in The Arboretum in Running Springs. It was a breezy summer day and I could not have asked for a more perfect couple. Also, I finally had the pleasure of meeting Erik that day. As the shoot progressed it was so obvious to me...their connection was undeniable. They had the most amazing chemistry and I was so lucky to be there to capture it. So Tracy and Erik I hope you enjoy these images and thank you again for choosing me to capture this special moment!