Joshua Tree Boho Shoot

Magon and I are arrived at Joshua tree a few hours before sunset because we wanted to take it all in! A week before when we discussed doing a boho inspired shoot and I was brainstorming locations it dawned on me there was no better place to have this shoot other than Joshua Tree. It is absolutely GORGEOUS specially in Spring! Magon and I made a great pair she is up for shooting anywhere even if it meant climbing boulders and making it look effortless. To say this shoot was fun was an understatement. It was a combination of both my passions...hiking and photography! Just when we thought the day could not be any more beautiful this beautiful fiery sunset occurred. We grabbed the red dress and started climbing rocks to get as high as we could to take the last shots of the evening. That work out was so worth it. I am in love with this entire shoot and the awesome company.  Magon you are beautiful and loved our day together.