Lake Arrowhead Styled Wedding Shoot

It is not hard to get swept up in the romantic mood of this whimsical woodland styled shoot.  I do not know where to start...the beautiful couple and their amazing chemistry or the amazing floral arrangements and cake or perhaps the invitations or beautiful location of the shoot. I am just so excited to share this amazing shoot that I am having trouble keeping my excitement to myself. Rabecca and Patrick are always a pleasure to photograph. They are such a lovely couple and their love shows in every photo of them I take.  The vendors  chosen for the shoot are incredibly talented and an amazing group of women it was truly a pleasure collaborating with them.

The Location: This beautiful ethereal woodland setting is Lake Arrowhead California. This charming town is nestled between a forest full of pines, creeks and of course the lake that gives this town its name. It is truly a hidden treasure in Southern California and a place I call home. When it came time to decide where to have this shoot it was wasn't hard to find inspiration in my own backyard and thought there was no better place to have it than here. 

The Flowers: I can not say enough wonderful things from The Rosy Bouquet based locally in Lake Arrowhead. These lovely ladies did a beautiful job on all the flower arrangements for this shoot. They made my vision come to life and exceeded all expectations. The arrangements burst with colors of purple, peach and creams that pop beautifully against the green Eucalyptus. 

The Invitations: These stunning invitations by Alexa Nelson where perfect for this shoot. The romantic floral design and pops of color were exactly what we needed to bring it all together. 


Models: Rabecca & Patrick Fortunato

Flower Arrangments:  Sarah Ullmann/Betsy Allen The Rosy Bouquet

Invitations: AlexaNelsonPrints