The Rowan's at Forest Falls Adventure

adventurous engagement

Always take the road less traveled because often the destination will be worth it!

When I get a contacted to do adventurous off the beaten path sessions I jump with joy! If you know me at all (even if you don't) then you know I love exploring and going on adventures so when Nicole contacted me excited about wanting to do a photo shoot at one of her favorite spots with Troy I was over the moon excited. She sent me a photo of the location and said there was no real address just a spot off the hwy between two mile markers near Forest Falls CA. I was immediately intrigued. We settled on two spots for their session and the first location was to be a few miles away. On the day of our session I remembered we were gonna be very close to a lake in Angelous Oaks I hadn't visited in years and decided to stop by. The lighting was beautiful and hoped they'd go for my very last minute suggestion of having our session there. Luckily for me they were receptive to the idea to meet there and I am sooo glad they did! They looked amazing, the day was perfect and peaceful and we were the only ones there. 

And off to the second location we the spot they both loved and were eager to share with me. Having never shot there I was excited to be able to capture this stunning location on the outskirts of Forest Falls There were rows and rows of mountains behind them and the sun was setting over them. There was no one around just me and them in this vast beauty. This little spot off of a busy highway yet in the middle of nowhere is my favorite spot of the year hands down. Just take a look at it! Breathtaking isn't it

If you want to get lost with me (not literally) in an adventure in the woods fill the form out below and contact me to set up your adventurous session.

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