Winter Wonderland Bridal Session in Big Bear



It was like being inside a real life snow globe but better because this winter wonderland had mountains, pines, flowing creeks, frozen ponds an endless amount of snow and sunset!

Nothing makes the snow pop more than the beautiful colors of this flower bouquet, am I right? Today I am sitting at home enjoying a snow day so I find it fitting to share this shoot from two weeks ago. When you are lucky enough to call the San Bernardino National Forest your home you get to enjoy some of the perks of living here. Let me tell you how this magical shoot came to happen.

I was spending the afternoon with the two lovely ladies, owners of The Rosy Bouquet and they had this wildflower bouquet I instantly fell in love with! It had to easily be one of the most amazing bouquets I have seen all year and being a lover of weddings and flowers I jumped at the chance to photograph it! So I message my past bride Brittney and our conversation went something like this.

Me: Hey Girl!

Brittney: Hey!

Me: What you doing tomorrow?

Her: Not much.

Me: You want to meet me at my house so we can photograph you in the snow with your wedding dress on and go on a forest adventure together?

Her: Yes! What time?

And just like the plan came together.

The next day we ventured off in my truck and did a bit of off roading until it was time to get out and begin our hike. Her in her wedding dress and cowboy boots wearing a jacket and me carrying a backpack of gear, the bouquet and water of course. So off on a hike we went...yes and actual hike in the snow because that is the only way to get to this magical spot and boy it was worth it and boy were we tired going back home.

I encourage you do not stop scrolling until the end because the scenery gets more and more gorgeous the further down you scroll and you do not want to miss out on a few behind the scenes images of our adventure!!

Now here is the stuff behind the scenes you don't usually see. hahaha Yes this is all part of the fun and a glimpse of what tends to go on during an adventure session with me lol Isn't She just the best for being such a fun bride?!

snow wedding

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