Twin Oaks Gardens in San Diego


“Twin Oaks was the first venue we checked out and we were sold the moment we walked in. We loved how magical it felt with all its lights and greenery.”

This venue was the perfect setting for Amy and Andrews Spring wedding. When I walked in past the gate I was instantly greeted with blooming flowers, water fountains, and the most adorable greenhouse ever! Oh and if that hasn’t gotten you excited about scrolling down to the blog then let me say there are also photos of doggies below! They had the cutest pups at their wedding and you all know how much I love doggies.

“We both love a simple and clean look. We liked the look of white flowers against all the greenery at the venue. To fit the dreamy feel of the venue, my bridesmaids liked the idea of soft mauve dresses and slate blue groomsmen ties against their gray suits. I feel like the muted, natural colors against the twinkle lights and greenery just fit with the soft, sweet vibe we were going for. 

Andrew and Amy met their freshman year in high school and by their senior year they were in the same group of friends, had 4 classes together and were eating lunch/studying together. On Valentines’ Day of their senior year Amy was sitting in Art waiting for class to start when Andrew walks in with flowers, chocolate covered apples and a card. He then proceeded to ask her to be his front of the entire class. And they have been an item ever since.

“I was so embarrassed but also very touched by his cheesy proposal”

The Proposal

After 7 years of dating, including a year of long distance post grad, Andrew proposed in November of 2018 at WindandSea Beach in San Diego. They went to the SD zoo which is one of their favorite spots and then went to Balboa park where they ended the night watching the very pink sunset over the clear blue waters on a blanket.

“He pulled out the ring and I was legitimately surprised by his sweet, intimate proposal. “